Where is the InsurTech Capital?

Technology has changed virtually every aspect of our lives including how we submit, review, process and consume information. You see it in everyday situations from the grocery store with fully automated cashiers to the airport where a passenger can check in, upgrade their seat, pay for additional services or obtain a digital copy of their boarding pass. The changes are everywhere, and the insurance industry is no different.

InsurTech Trends in Auto Insurance – 2018 & Beyond

The insurance industry is changing at a rapid pace. The introduction of InsurTech innovations have made an impact on virtually every aspect of the insurance business – from sales, customer management, claims processing and even how companies collect policyholder information. The new technology is designed to streamline processes…

InsurTech Trends in 2017 & Beyond

The continual development of technology in the business landscape is no surprise. Companies in multiple industries are taking advantage of the opportunity to deliver faster and more convenient service while reducing costs through digital innovation. As discussed in a previous blog post, the insurance industry is now following suit with new innovations designed to optimize the customer experience while finding opportunities for new services and increased revenue.

Study Reveals Impact of InsurTech on Insurance Industry

Technology has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives – both personal and business. Over the last five years there have been seismic changes in how we create, produce, consume and analyze information. The proliferation of mobile phones and other devices such as drones, wearable technology and new apps, have opened a new world of possibilities…