12 Days of SSAP: General Interrogatories


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As the holidays approach, JLK Rosenberger is taking a new perspective on a holiday classic – the Twelve Days of Christmas. Rather than filling your head with turtle doves and gold rings, we are focusing on the latest changes to SSAP and how they will impact your insurance company in 2019 and beyond.

General Interrogatories

As a result from revisions to SSAP No. 56 – Separate Accounts, general interrogatory question #1.01 has been modified separating investments registered with the SEC and NOT registered with the SEC.

As a result from revisions to SSAP No. 21, Question 10.1A has been added as a General Interrogatory for private placement variable annuities and private placement life insurance.

Join us tomorrow for day 3 in the 12 days of SSAP. If you have questions about TCJA and how it will impact your insurance entity, please call us at 818-334-8623, or click here to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you soon.