INT 19-01

SAPWG – Temporary 60 Day Extension of 90 Day Rule

Last week the Statutory Accounting Principles Working Group (SAPWG) met to discuss permitting a temporary 60-day extension of the normal 90-day rule outlined in paragraph 9 of SSAP No. 6. At issue was whether such an extension for premium receivables for impacted policies or agents should be permitted, past precedents for such a change and how to implement an extension.

Loss Reserve Discounting

Modifications to Loss Reserve Discounting Rules for Insurance Companies

The revised loss reserve discounting rules are expected to affect both current and deferred taxes for P&C insurance companies. With the higher applicable interest rate used to determine loss reserve discount factors and the extended payment period for recovering loss reserves, insurers should expect to see their tax basis discounted loss reserve decrease. This will, in turn, result in increased taxable income and loss reserve DTA amounts.

Insurance Accounting

12 Days of SSAP: Other Admitted Assets – Structured Settlements

Substantive revisions to SSAP No. 21—Other Admitted Assets, were made to explicitly include accounting guidance for an insurance reporting entity that acquires structured settlement payment rights as a result of a structured settlement factoring transaction. Structure settlement payment terms can be classified in two buckets – Period Certain or Life Contingent

Insurance Accounting

12 Days of SSAP: Investments in Subsidiaries

Nonsubstantive changes to SSAP No. 97 – Investments in Subsidiary, Controlled and Affiliated Entities to clarify how to account and disclose when an entity’s share of losses in their investments in an SCA exceeds their investment.  Added language explains that entities whose share of losses in an SCA exceeds its investment shall continue to reduce its investment in the SCA to zero and shall not provide for additional losses. 

Cybersecurity - Insurance Accounting

12 Days of SSAP: Cybersecurity

On May 3, 2018, South Carolina became the first adopter of Insurance Data Security Model Law.  The NAIC adopted the law in October 2017, and the law goes into effect January 1, 2019, and requires licensees of the State of South Carolina DOI to comply.  The law follows the New York Department of Financial Services regulation, which paved the way for the NAIC law.

Tax Reform - Insurance Accounting

12 Days of SSAP: P&C Loss Discounting Gets a New Paint Job

In our last note, we talked about the new tax act. Now once more we come with more insurance tax hacks. This time we look at the P&C line, with a little more news that may not be kind.  This message we give deals with unpaid losses, which now have been changed by those Treasury bosses.

Tax Reform - Insurance Accounting

12 Days of SSAP: Bye-bye Small Life Insurance Deduction

As we enter the new year with a new tax act, we are driven to tell you more insurance tax facts.  As the TCJA came in with a bang, many old insurance rules have changed.  So, here’s one that’s been long-standing for life insurance companies that will cause small insurers some obvious strife.

ASU 2018-12 - Insurance Accounting

12 Days of SSAP: Long-Duration Contracts (GAAP)

Instead of allowing multiple amortization methods, the updated guidance states that DAC is amortized on a constant basis over the expected term of the related contracts. DAC is also required to be written off for unexpected contract terminations but not subject to an impairment test.

GAAP Credit Losses - Insurance CPA

12 Days of SSAP: Credit Losses (GAAP)

Measurement of Credit Losses on Financial Instruments introduced the expected credit loss methodology for financial assets. This new model is applicable for all financial instruments not valued at fair value. This new methodology is a change from the historical incurred loss approach and will require companies to accelerate the recording of credit losses.